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The Atlantic Migration Advisory Group is a specialist team for consulting and finding ways to immigrate to Canada. Canada nowadays is particularly attractive to a variety of immigrant applicants including job migration, student immigration, etc. This group can obtain a Canadian Tourist Visa, Multiple Five Year Visa and Study Visa as well as a Workforce Immigration Visa with you. Skilled will be Immigration to Canada through Investment or Self-employment, Immigration to Canada via Startup Visa and other types of Immigration to Canada. If you wish to obtain a visa for tourist, educational, business, or super-parental visa. Be or are planning to immigrate to Canada It will be good for you to find the right way to reach your destination. Our partners will provide you with the necessary documentation as soon as possible, as well as provide all the forms and information you need. They will coordinate with you and calculate your immigration points to Canada. We will be with you from the beginning to the end of your immigration journey to Canada.

  • Family sponsorship
  • Provincial nominees
  • Study in Canada
  • Start-up Visa
  • Self-employed
  • Express Entry

Our Practice Area

Canada Super Visa

Canadian Super Visa

In general, parental super visas are issued only to parents and grandchildren or grandparents whose children and grandchildren have received Canadian asylum as a resident of Canada. Are considered. This type of visa, which is considered as an immigrant privilege to Canada, allows its holders to stay in Canada for up to 3 months, unlike a Canadian 2-year visa that allows people to stay in Canada for only 6 months. Live in this country for consecutive years. Without having to leave Canada after six months.

Multiple-entry Visa

Multiple-entry Visa

A tourist visa, or Canadian tourist visa, is a multiple entry visa to Canada, also known as a Canadian Multiple Visa. Since the country is easily accessible for tourist and tourist attraction, so there are many people who are looking for information on Canadian tourist visa. The Canadian Tourist Visa is a 5-year entry visa issued by the Canadian Immigration Service for applicants. Unlike many other immigration methods, this type of visa allows immigrants to travel to Canada for validity.

Work Permit Visa

Work Permit Visa

There are always a lot of people around the world who are trying to immigrate to Canada in a variety of ways in order to live a life that they want to live well. Canadian work visas are among the many ways Iranians choose to work in the country on the basis of their expertise. Usually, getting this type of visa, as with other visas, requires going through a few steps. Studying this can help you get more familiar with how to get a Canadian work visa and find specialized and non-specialized jobs in Canada. Stay with us.

Provincial nominees

Provincial nominees Canada

In general, immigration to Canada through provincial programs, also known as PNP immigration, is one of the fastest ways to get a visa to a country that encompasses specific and unique groups. Typically this program is for workers with the special skills, training and experience available to choose one of the provinces and regions of Canada they are interested in residing in. But it has to be said that each province and region has a distinct immigration program that targets specific segments of society.

Investment in Canada

Investment in Canada

One of the ways most Canadian immigrants seek information about is by investing in Canada. There are some complexities to obtaining a Canadian residence permit, and consultation with a Canadian immigration lawyer may be necessary. Most Canadian immigration programs require an IELTS score of 1 through investment. Some programs require a bachelor’s degree to continue with the Canadian Immigration Program by investing in Canada. You should also be able to show that you have many years of experience in managing a business in your country of residence and managing a business.

Study In Canada

Study in Canada

These days, Canada Study Visa Study Permit is one of the most popular visas to immigrate to Canada and obtain a permanent residence permit. Since it offers an ideal qualification for the education of its citizens and provides them with extraordinarily rich opportunities, compared to many European countries, it offers a wealth of opportunities each year. Many students around the world have traveled to the country hoping to obtain a Canadian Student Visa to continue their education at one of Canada’s best colleges and universities. Undoubtedly, Iranian students are no exception.

Skilled Workers

Skilled Workers Visa

The skilled workforce migration program is one of those programs offered by the Canadian government through Express Enter. This program is for those who choose to immigrate to Canada because of their work experience, expertise and skills. One of the main goals that encourages the Canadian government to adopt a skilled workforce migration program is to hire skilled newcomers and professionals who will contribute greatly to Canada’s growing economy. This program is an ideal opportunity for the skilled workforce seeking to work in Canada by applying for a Canadian work visa for their permanent residence in Canada.

Startup Visa

Startup Visa

Startup visa are one of the best and most recent ways that many countries, such as the Netherlands, Canada, Chile, France and… have now adopted to attract immigrants and support new projects and ideas.

In fact, the Canadian Immigration Service has always sought to issue permits for some of Canada’s financial and business institutions to facilitate the selection of entrepreneurs, known as Canadian Start-Up Visas.


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About The Firm

Our History

  • ۲۰۱۴ - Opening

Atlantic Migration Company was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing correct advice to Farsi-speaking compatriots on immigration to Canada.

  • ۲۰۱۵ - Opening Tehran Office

In year 4, we decided to set up Dafat Tehran to serve our dear compatriots in person.

  • ۲۰۱۷ - Start Up Visa

We are proud to be one of the first startup startups to offer immigration advice.

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Our Testimonials

The Atlantic Migration Advisory Group is a specialist team for consulting and finding ways to immigrate to Canada. Canada nowadays is particularly attractive to a variety of immigrant applicants including job migration, student immigration and more.

I am very pleased to be acquainted with Mr. Lotfi’s Atlantic collection. His thorough guidance and mastery of Canadian immigration laws was very valuable to me. Honesty was also present at all stages of the case in the discourse and practice of the Atlantic Collection.

Ali Jahed
Startup Visa

Before getting help from the Atlantic Institute for my Immigration, I was worried about the immigration process to Canada and was looking for a good university to continue my education. I gave the Atlantic all the steps from beginning and it was a successful result.

Nazanin Ebrahimi
Study Permit